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Street Dogs


To add to STREET DOGS' more than impressive music credentials, the badges of service and honor that this band wear on their sleeves and the work ethic and dedication they embody is what makes them truly unique, and a band that people look up to, respect, and keep coming back to see over and over again. While the fury and passion, and sheer musical brilliance of the records speak for themselves, the live show is what keeps this band in a class of their own.

While guitarists and drummers have come and gone, mostly due to family (and their other band) obligations, the core of this family has remained the same, as has it's integrity and purpose. The effort put forth on a daily basis by this band, to make a difference, musically and in life in general, is profound. Whether it's being on the road for three quarters of a year virtually non-stop, or demo'ing an album three times to make sure when it reaches the ears of the masses it strikes as loud of a chord as possible, the STREET DOGS motto always rings true: "Not without a purpose, not without a fight!"

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